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Welcome to your Tallinn home!

Hi - My name is Diana, I'm the managing director of KoolRooms, and the first person you will likely talk to when you start browsing our portfolio. I founded and run KoolRooms since 2015, and will be your point-person for everything related to renting one of our apartments or rooms. I was myself an Erasmus student in Lyon, France and studied in both high school and university in America, so I know all too well the fear of heading with your 2 suitcases to a country you've never even visited. I speak English, French, Russian and Finnish, so you are sure to get full reassurance when choosing to live in KoolRooms. While building up KoolRooms, I spent 10 years working at Deloitte Consulting as a Management Consultant out of the San Francisco office, eventually moving to New Delhi. I also lead the Corporate Communications activities for the Oil&Gas company Shelf Drilling in Dubai, and the Operations for the Estonian Embassy in New Delhi, so I have 15 years of public and private sector management experience before realizing my long dream of working in hospitality that I love.

Having lived around the world for 20+ years before returning to Estonia in 2020, it is fun exploring this wonderful little country through the fresh eyes of a tourist. I think variety is the spice of life so I enjoy taking advantage of the many activities Estonia offers - running, swimming both summer and winter, skiing, snowboarding, playing tennis, hiking. I have a deep interest in psychology, and am doing my MBA focussing on Leadership and People Management.     

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Our Story

As with most companies, the creation of KoolRooms started by chance - while we were looking to rent our apartments as single units to families, we got a few queries from students about whether they could just rent an individual room, so we figured - why not! And it's been our single focus over the last 6+ years. 

When something is meant to happen, stars align. We ourselves have needed this service time and time again. I ventured out of Estonia when I was 16 when I headed to America to do my study abroad year in South Carolina. I have since lived in 9 countries around the world, and know all too well what it means to head to a new city and have no idea about the neighborhoods, processes for booking a place, regulations, what to be weary of, and of course be scared of being scammed. Offering you a professional service and responding to your need of trust, transparency, security and peace of mind are our top priorities. We have 500+ expats who can vouch for that. I have myself studied and worked abroad in the US, in Lyon France (oui, on parle francais!), San Francisco, The Hague, London, Dubai, New Delhi, and in various cities around the US, so I know what the process of looking for a home abroad means. 


We are committed to giving you the safest, most comfortable, well taken care of experience in Tallinn when it comes to your home, so let us surprise you and of course your worrying parents with how easy booking a room is. We also operate a few holiday beach apartments in Dubai, so if Tallinn's cold starts to get to you and you want a sunny getaway, ask us about that also. We look forward to meeting you and helping you have the most fantastic semester abroad experience in the lovely little provincial global city of Tallinn. Welcome! 

Read more or get started with picking your Tallinn home:
1. Choose a room
2. Send us data for your contract
3. Sign the contract and let us know your flight arrival time!

4. See you in Tallinn!


We are always excited to hear from new students heading to Tallinn for next semester. Either email us or FB Message through the KoolRooms FB page. Welcome!

(+372) 5919 7188

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